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For those lucky enough to be out riding one of these beauties, what are they weighing in at?

I know Food's is 36.1, is that pretty average?

Just curious. Still trying to decide if I should get a VPX or a 6 Pack.

I know two different bikes. But if they are coming close in weight, that might help me make my decision.


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just look at frame weight

If weight is the deciding factor, just look at the frame weights. A large 6-Pack, I've weighed at 8.7 pounds. My Medium Uzzi weighs 10.2. A difference of 1.5 pounds, and part for part, you'll have a 1.5 pound lighter bike with the 6-Pack.

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I don't know if mine is really "average", in general I have some really light stuff on it (i.e. the Flite saddle, carbon bar, mag pedals, XTR cranks)... I think most will probably weigh more as I'm hearing a lot of "saint" and "diabolous" for cranks. And I'm running trail/freeride tires with standard tubes, any thing DH would be 2-4 pounds heavier with 1200g tires w/DH tubes. I'm guessing the Kenetics I have on there are sub 800g.

I kind of thought mine would end up lighter (good thing I went with the Breakout+ at 5.8 rather than something heavier.) I have a full on DH bike, so my goal was to make the Uzzi as light as possible and still be able to drop & jump. Most of my riding is technical trail oriented, but I like the crazy stuff...


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Mine is:
"Nokian NBX" skinwall trailtyres - 17,05kg=37.5lbs
"Nokian Gazzaloddi G" DH-tyres - Estimated 18kg =39.7lbs

Frame: Uzzi VPX with 5th Element Steel Coil
Fork: Sherman Breakout Plus
Stem: SIC Livin Large 1.5/OS
Handlebar: Protaper OS
Grips: Lizard Skin
Headlock: Woodman 1,5
Aheadset:Cane Creek
Brakes: Hope Mono M4
Seattube: Syncros Derived
Seat: Planet-X X-Uranus Pin-Up
Crankset: Middleburn RM7/E-13SRS
Pedals: DMR V8
BB: FSA Platinium Pro
Chain: SRAM PC-69
Derailleur: SRAM X9
Wheel: Hope Bulp Hubs/DT Spokes/Mavic Singletrack Rims
Tyres: Nokian NBX Skinwall + Nokian MTB tubes
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