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what are the best pedals to roll on for AM riding?

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What are the best pedals to roll on for AM riding? I have a new GT force 2.0 being shipped.....i need pedals for it...... i was thinking of just using my wellgo metal platforms from my old diamondback response.....(hahah thing is a piece)... what pedals do yall run for your AM bikes?? thanks!!:thumbsup:
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I'm in the market for some pedals as well, for all my bikes: AM, XC and commuting.
I'm looking at Crank Bros pedals for the XC and commuter (Egg beaters) but I am unsure what flat pedal to get for my AM rig, or if I should get a CB Mallet.
I spin the cheapest Shimano no-platform SPD pedals (M540) for XC style rides. They are relatively cheap (compared to XT and XTR versions) but just as dependable and almost as light. I pound them on rocks and they still work as if they were brand new. If I was racing, I might upgrade to reduce weight, and I'm also not riding in mud so I don't worry about them getting clogged up.

I ordered some Canfield Bros. Crampon's for more technical or gravity assisted rides. They will be coming "from Santa" so I don't have a review for you yet.

There are ton's of great pedals. As long as you don't go too cheap, its hard to go wrong.
Some Ideas to give you a start:
Twenty6 PreRunner: Expensive and blingy, but very solid. I almost ordered these, but I couldn't get them in time for XMas. I haven't ridden these, but I have ridden their previous pedal model, and if they say these are an upgrade then they must be excellent.

Kona Wah Wah's: Perhaps the best value in low profile platforms:

Canfield Bros. Crampons: Sitting under my tree right now.

There are lots of others that I haven't ridden, so I won't include them. The Point One "Podium" pedals looks pretty sick, for example, if you want to preorder it. My advice is to determine how much cash you want to drop, then start looking at weight. I would get the lightest and LOWEST PROFILE you can afford. Low profile really makes a difference.

Also, with platform pedals, SHOES are almost more important than pedal selection. Or at least the rubber compound used for the soles. I like 5.10's, but some people think they are almost TOO sticky. Since I ride clipped in more than platforms, I love how well they stick.
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here is what i run crankbrothers 50/50 sealed bearings and so far love them good traction and very wide hard to slide off and they are sealed ball bearings but there not cheap.

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I roll with these. With 5.10's it's almost like being clipped in.

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Sunline V1
I also used CB 50/50 before and they are just as good but not as durable as the V1 Because they are not one piece platforms. (I snapped one by the link after a rock encounter)


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well i wear north face hiking low top shoes so all the tread on those will keep locked into almost any pedal... i just want something light and to last... i like the CB 5050 but the price.... are the kona jackshits any good??? the primos have sealed bearings and are only like 50.
I have a pair of crankbrother mallets I bought for my coilair and I didnt like them at all. I went back to a cheapie bear claw style.
I don't like crank bros for clip pedals (ie mallets). Shimano's and Times have a much more positive feel to them. Shimano's are my current favorites. No opinion on straight flats.
shimano m647s get a lot of love over here in the UK
Like a CB Mallet - but with Shimano SPD tech and adjustable tension etc
For the price and aesthetics, the Transition Stepdowns are a good flat pedal. $60 bucks will give you a choice in colors and sealed bearings. Not to make your ears bleed from repetition, but the 5.10s make them even better.
I have been using DMR V12's and really like them.
I got a pair of Twenty6 Prerunner pedals today and I must say that if you use them make sure you have leg protection. The traction pins are very pointed. They punctured the box they came in. The points are almost needle sharp.
i like those transition stepdowns.... hmm gold would look really nice too... anymore suggestions for cheaper then 70 shipped?? thanks guys
vikingboy said:
shimano m647s get a lot of love over here in the UK
Like a CB Mallet - but with Shimano SPD tech and adjustable tension etc
They get a lot of love here too.:thumbsup:

I used to ride toe clips/straps, and then platform and I tried clipless numerous times and always quit them after an akward fall. Swore I would NEVER ride clipless.

Then I tried the M-647 and used the SH-56 multi release cleat. I love this setup!! I get the power up the climbs of clipless and the dabability(Fred Flinstone says that's a word) of platforms. Perfect for technical trail riding.:D
Just picked up a pair of Sunline V2 pedals on half off from the LBS.

Will report back on how they work!
Quick review of the V2 pedals after one ride:
Muuuuch grippier than my previous Truvativ Holzfeller pedals. The Sunlines feel great under the sole, large platform and very steady. I never felt my foot slip while pedaling, but one foot slipped once when I wasn't paying attention. Overall on grip: Very good.

The bearings are the same as in the V1, just the body is different. They roll very smoothly, again much better than the Truvativ stuff I had before. They are pretty heavy at 600-something grams, but it doesn't really make a difference. They were very easy to put on, threads were clean and greased, I did put a bit more grease on just in case.

I got a fairly hard rock hit in my ride and the right pedal did scratch and a little bit of the body was chipped. Not a huge deal, but I had hoped they'd come out of a single rock hit unscathed.

Overall impressions are very good, I'd recommend these for sure, especially at the price I got them (~$45 from my LBS). Grip was better than I'd hoped but we'll see if they survive my terrible riding :)
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My DMR V12's are good, only complaint is they are quite thick.
not cheap but the Atomlab pimplites are awsome. they are light for platforms and have a good grip to your shoe with a concave design. they grip my Etnies great and I am about to get some 5.10s so they should only get better.
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