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I am looking for some ideas of used frames to hunt for on Pinkbike and locally and have these requirements due to wanting to use all of the components off of my Nimble 9: Any recommendations?

Travel = 120-140 would be ideal -- with 130 hitting the Goldie Locks zone

Non Boost -- 142 rear -- with clearance for 27.5 x 2.8s -- Running 40mm wheels with WTB rangers that are brandy new so would love to use them.

A really low seat post height in 30.9 -- I have a brand new 175mm dropper I want to use

Shorter the stays -- the better! But not a deal killer

I have a MRP Stage @ 140 that fits the 275x2.8 very nicely that I will be using -- and will be running it 10 speed -- so trying to put this thing together something tough ... and on the cheap.

thanks in advance!


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