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What are old iDrive riders riding now?

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I've got an old XCR3000 that has seen better days and I'm in the market for something new.

I like the bike overall (other than it being on the heavy side), but I'm having a tough time figuring out where to start looking for something similar.

I like the geometry, but there doesn't seem to be many similar bikes around now. They're either steep angled race bikes, or slack angled trail/free ride. I feel the old XCR is somehwere in between.

Just curious what the old iDrive riders have switched to and enjoyed.
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I sold my 2001 idrive and bought a sensor 2.0.I dont miss my old bike that much.The sensor is just great
I've had a 2000 XCR 4000, and a 2001 Team. I'm riding a 2009 Marathon Team, and a 2007 Force 2.0. They are both amazing bikes. The Team is light and fast and the Force is burly and a blast to ride. The Sensor will definitely be a great upgrade for ya. If I didn't have my Force, I'd have a sensor. I'm not ever gettting rid of my Force.
Are you calling me old or my bike? ;)

My 1999 XCR 4000 is still my main off-road bike. I just keep upgrading bits as I go. Yesterday I finally got a SLX crankset so no more old style JIS square taper. It'll be like riding a whole new bike, or so I'll tell myself.

If I was looking at a new GT I'd be considering a Sensor.
i still ride my old idrive 6.0 that i got in about 2000 or so. then again, the frame is the only original part on it. i would like to get a newer, lighter frame for it at some point.
MitchD said:
I sold my 2001 idrive and bought a sensor 2.0.I dont miss my old bike that much.The sensor is just great
I demo'd a Sensor at an MTB event back in November. They had the Force, the Sensor and a Hardtail - all were high end models.

I had a 2001 I drive also, great bike. The Sensor has slightly slacker geometry at 69.5 Vs the nasty,steep x-country 71 degrees. Not quite as slack as most AM bikes (68 to 69).

I only had a 30 minute ride on the Sensor on twisty roller coaster single track, with several stream crossings. I rode it hard all the way because there were a couple guys behind me. I just couldn't let them pass me.:D The bike felt very comfortable to me. Even though I was riding very near my limit on a strange bike, I never crashed, missed a climb or ran off the trail. Over all, I thought it was a perfect bike for the terrain I was riding. BTW, I'm currently riding a 2005 Jamis XLT with a 68.5 degree HA. It's better than the Sensor for the terrain I usually ride. However, there's no way I would have been able to ride the Jamis as fast as the Sensor on those twisty trails. Not without going off the trail.

The OP needs to test one of these.:thumbsup: On the trail!
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