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I ran a Manitou ISX 6 when I had a wildcard, it was really sweet. You might be able to dig up a used one on ebay or something, cheaper than your other options.
This! :thumbsup:
I had a Manitou Evolver ISX-4 on my Wildcard. A really good and totally underrated Shock which did great on the Wildcard, did great on my V2 Spitfire and is going to be great on my buddies Wildcard again!

You should look for a used one, or check out Manitous Swinger Expert Pro, which is the newer ISX-6!!!

Or get a BOS Kirk with custom-tuning for your Wildcard. :thumbsup:

No personal experience with RockShox Shocks, but for the Vivid you should check if there are no clearance-issues. A CCDB doesn´t fit in the Wildcard and the Vivid builds more voluminous than average, too ...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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