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Fun he says. :rolleyes:

My tires were spinning 100 kph this morning - my car wasn't moving that fast though. THAT was fun. ;) Also got the tail-gater off my back in a hurry! :p :D (gotta love RWD fun in the snow)

Oh great - there's that cold chill again! BRRRRRR!

All joking aside, JM, you really have guts, IMHO, to be doing that commute. I know I never could. I just don't trust driver's in TO enough. Bigtime cudos to you, you crazy bugger you!

Do share - any dangerous/scary incident's/story's to tell? Those pics really DO make one wonder.

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hilton falls... actually, we rode it all, except for couple of climbs...

AndrewTO said:
Where is that?

More importantly - how much actual riding did y'all do?
where my (much lighter) friends didnt have enough traction despite Nokian Extreme 294 studs...

we did around 10km in just over 2 hours...

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felt sorry for them

osokolo said:
was the damage on the truck extensive? i hope the driver was ok...
:D :D :D
the driver of the tractor trailer was a bit worried after i slid out on some streetcar tracks. He managed to stop and help me and the bike get out from under the trailer...the second time it happened, a pick up truck pulled out without looking and i had to drop the bike and slide between the front and back wheels...that's when the bell got dinged

saw a guy on a fixie get killed last year, he had a helmet and still made a mess...never a dull moment

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I rode the Don Valley trails yesterday...

...and they were pretty good, it was only on the steep hills that you had to push the bike up.

There was quite a few tire tracks and foot prints in the snow on the trails so that made it a little easier to get solid traction on the off camber stuff.

And when you are off of the singletrack trails and out in the open it is actually easier and less bumpy to ride on the unpacked snow.

The secret to riding in the snow is to use a big tire and drop your tire pressure to around 25 psi and of course dress properly (I was out for an hour and a half).
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