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WFO Questions

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I've ordered a medium frame+ fork+ all the goodys that come in the package. Only the shock option is still open. What shock size is required? Has anyone tryed Marzocchi shocks on WFO, how about RS Vivid? Is WB 150's 1cm more travel also more quality one (quality vs. quantity)? Cavegiant has one- let us know. Seatpost: how far can you drop the saddle on a M frame? Thank you for your opinions on this matter.
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I believe shock size is 7.875 eye-to-eye; 2.25 stroke.

Steve @ Niner had one set up with a Vivid, BMJ has an Avalanche, and grahamthompson has a Fox- those are the only coil setups I've seen on here to date. I've been meaning to start a thread re: coils on a WFO now that winter is here and I'm fantasizing about upgrades I can't afford anyway.

Can't help you on the fork. I went with the 44 b/c I was less interested in the WB. I considered it briefly; Padre was a vocal basher for years, and is now a vocal booster of his 150, but I just couldn't muster the interest. The 44 is the only option with a tapered steerer if that means anything to you. The only WB fork with a tapered steerer I've seen was a proto on one of Mikesee's bikes.
The extra 1cm travel includes bottom out bumper, so you are not going to notice the quantity.

The quality however is unsurpassed.
This fork is massively user tunable, you can have it ride like you want.
You have two air chambers (one size variable) that can be run at either positive or negative pressure. compression/rebound all done with oil/air. Best of all is the service WB offer, tell them how you want it to work and prepare to be impressed with what they offer.
I told them the progression curve I wanted, the answer included 9 springs! they did all the math and offered to supply parts at cost!
Unfortunatly I don't think the wipers are up to scratch.

Seatpost you need has to be a dropper one, I recommend the purerace, cheap and stiff.
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