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Western MD conditions?

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How's Shed/Gambrill or Greenbrier looking? Still snowbound? Too wet to ride? Going to be coming up Tues-Thurs. Thanks.
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I just bumped this thread up on MORE about ride options this time of year. If you are interested and want any specific suggestions, let me know.

We had a major melt off in Frederick yesterday. I'm guessing there is still some snow but more of an issue now is the 22" of snow melting combined with the almost 2 inches of rain we got. Tuesday is calling for a high of 32, so if you go early before the sun can hit the trails, you should be OK, but things may be icy. If it's above freezing, we are going to have soup for a while. Unfortunately the freeze/thaw cycle doesn't allowed the trails to dry quickly. Even the rocky trails up this way get too wet to ride at times :mad:

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Thanks for the info riderx. I also was curious about the conditions in the shed. I am tired of the trainer but at least now with the snow almost gone around columbia I will be able to hit the roads again.
More info on conditions

OK, just returned from Liberty and took the long way home so I could cruise through the Watershed and check conditions. Still a good bit of snow up on the ridge. The snow is melting from the trails, but the best way to describe them is "under water". Passed at least 6 trailheads and all had lots of water. Any riding is going to require freezing temps.
I rode up at the shed on the 18th (before the snow) and some of the rock gardens near the sandflats parking area had water running down them then... I don't see the trails drying up for a while and if the temps get below freezing it may all be ice anyway :eek:

I got out for a road ride yesterday that had a lot of grit, snow and water, but still good to get out :thumbsup:
I ended up getting a flat three miles into the ride though... I did the usual inspection of the BRAND NEW tire and found a piece of salt wedged all the way through the carcass :???:

Roads are clearing up good, just watch out for all the salt and grit!
I rode the 'shed today. It was less than 20*F w/ wind gusts to 45 MPH when I arrived at Hamburg Rd at 9am. Someone said the windchill was like -5*. It was cold, the wind was unbearable while getting geared up!. The lot was full, several cars on the shoulder. Trails were frozen. Just 2 or 3 low spots were there was the usual running creek water. Snow on the trails was maybe 2 or 3 inches in the very deepest spots. However 95% of trails had less than 1 inch. We jumped on blue heading AWAY from Gambrill St Park.

If its well under freezing, I would call conditions pretty good, climbing a bit difficult on snow/leaves. If it goes close to, or above freezing, stay away, it will be a mess.

We returned at 1PM and there were 3 cars in the lot. All the non-hackers left after a short ride.
Rode the north end the last 3 out of 4 days and it's been tough but sweet. NYE we were breaking trail the whole time as we had gotten a few new inches of fresh snow overnight. New Years day no one had been on the trails besides us. Today things are getting packed nicely but I threw the studded tire on the rear to deal with some of the icy climbs. 17 degrees up there today with mega wind but the trails were nice.

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riderx said:
Today things are getting packed nicely but I threw the studded tire on the rear to deal with some of the icy climbs. 17 degrees up there today with mega wind but the trails were nice.
Unless there are two of you w/ lookalike bikes I saw you drive by the Hamburg Lot 1:30-ish today as we were gearing up to leave. In the bed of a white PU truck if my memory is correct...
Yep, I drove by there around that time but the bike was on top of a maroon Subaru
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