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Hi-I'm not sure if this is "legal" (and I didn't see any other place to post it)...but we have a job opportunity at West Virginia University that's mountain biking-related. Here's the link to the full job description:*78D4D0DC8F295B96

The job is basically developing science-based curriculum specific to "the science behind the sport" of mountain biking and ziplining. Here's the brief description...

This position supports WVU's new science and engineering outreach initiative of the Office of the Provost. The incumbent will develop and deliver an innovative "science behind the sport" educational curriculum and activities for mountain biking and zip lines at the Summit Bechtel Scouting Reserve and develop and deliver complementary educational programs that reach the youth of West Virginia. Additionally, incumbent will create curriculum and supporting activities, develop instructional material that coordinates educational content and incorporates current technology for student learning.

The incumbent serves as a resource contact. Depth of knowledge, technical skills and interpretive abilities, as well as some creativity, are required to successfully perform duties. Independently uses professional concepts and organizational policies to solve a wide range of moderate to complex problems in imaginative and practical ways. Work effort often addresses non-routine matters within established protocol, guidelines, and/or policies. Work effort has significant impact on client services and operations, producing moderate to major organizational, legal and financial results and/or liabilities.

So it's not a job where all you do is ride all day every day...but hey-it's a job! And it's all about mountain biking and ziplining! :thumbsup: And I know the guys who this person will be working for and they're great people. (I work for WVU as well.)

NOTE: The closing date for applications is this Friday, June 1. (Sorry for the late notice, but I just found out about the position.)

So check out the full description, and if you can get your application in fast, good luck!

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