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Just an update on Lancaster County Conservancy's Welsh Mountain Preserve in New Holland, PA for the 2014 Season.

A few years ago I had started to build some interest in the nearly 900 acres property that adjoins Money Rocks Park. In total there is nearly 1300 acres of land that is open to the public for active recreation. Unfortunately, neither the Lancaster County Parks, nor Lancaster County Conservancy know or care much about mountain bike trail building. They are in the business of raising money and maintaining existing parks and preserves, not building new trails.

North of Gault Road
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South of Gault Road
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Entire property (included Money Rocks County Park)
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Last time I talked to Lancaster County Conservancy about the status of development at Welsh Mountain, they said they were holding off on doing any planning or trail development until after the parking lot had been completed on Gault Road. I have marked the location of that parking area on the maps above. I was up there a few weeks ago and they still hadn't put down gravel. When they do, I urge folks to get up there and check out the trails.

One of the main access roads on the south east side of "South Area" was a major source of ATV/Muddin' troubles, creating large areas of stagnant water. When I worked for LCC, we laid a few trees down over that trail in an attempt to make 4-wheels back there a pain. So far, it seems to have worked. When on this trail/jeep road, be aware that you're only about 100' away from a property line with a shooting range. There are orange warning sides along the property line.

You can access the Money Rocks County Park from the Narvon Road County Parking Area. There are some trails that go down to the bottom of the hill and meet up with an old railroad grade. The nearby quarry marks its property very well, but some trails run very close to the property line. Once at the bottom of the hill you can ride the railroad grade out to Sheep Hill Road. Unfortunately there is really only one good trail from Money Rocks down to the railroad grade. Everything else is too steep or eroded to ride.

On the south side of Gault Road there are a few loops that can be made, just be mindful of the private property around the Radio Tower.

I know there are some local folks who are interested in building trail up there. The existing trail system is not really sustainable, but in order to build interest in the property, folks may have to use the existing trails to really get an idea of the potential of the property.


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