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Wellgo Mg-1 platforms and Karver 5/10 shoes

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Hi Guys,

Does anyone here have this combo ?

If so what has your experience been ?

Are you satisfied ?

What do you ride ?


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No Wellago, but just got the Karver's and have been using them with Performance's Forte Converts.

Coming back to platforms (real platforms this time with good shoes) from clipless has been a bit harder of a transition than I had expected, but the 5-10's are sticky as all get out, as advertised and to some degree, to a fault. I like the float I had with my clipless pedals and not having this freedom with platforms will take some getting used to, but otherwise, the shoes are sick!
Thanks Trumpus :D

Everybody seems to agree those are some amazing shoes. I was hoping I could get some feedback from locals here, like yourself.

Thanks for your input,


love these pedals, but salt will kill them. they are light and have good grip. I use some skate shoes with flat bottoms.
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Those look well used :)

Thanks for your input pooman, I appreciate it.

I have the Mg-1s with 5-10 Impact shoes (predecessor to the Karver), and love the combo. The grip is almost too strong. They hold like a clipless, but without the float. Make sure your foot lands where you want it on the pedal, because it's hard to adjust it. This is what makes them so confidence inspiring though. When the trail turns downhill, you don't get the feeling that you're going to be bounced off of the pedals.
Thanks Medieval,

I probably should have posted this as the Impact/Wellgo combination instead. The Karver shoes are very new and not many people have them yet.

I just ordered the Impact 2's 10 minutes ago ! They are on their way ! I got a big ride this weekend and can't wait to try them out :D

I have read many comments like yours that say you have to literally pull your foot off the pedal to adjust your position.

I have my retired my clipless for now and I want something that will do a good job of keeping me attached when I hit the bouncy rocky stuff.

Thanks Again,

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here you can see mg-1's on my cross bike too. good for everything
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I can't speak for the 510s but the wellgos grab so well, they will even use your shins to get a good bite!!!
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