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Welcome new WL Moderator: formica!

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Hey All,

Please help me welcome a new Moderator to the Women's Lounge: formica

She will be co-moderator with Impy, and help keep the peace in here, and help keep the WL a positive place for women to come and discuss mountain biking Passion and other related (and some times not so-related) topics.

Thanks for stepping up formica!

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That is great and I would say sound like a good fit....Congrats Formica. Kona

Fan-dabby-dozy-tastic. What a great team for the WL. Thanks to both Impy (whose always done a great job) and Formica for volunteering their time and support on this forum.
Thanks Formica! :D:D

Your tin sheriff badge should be arriving in the mail soon ;)
WTG for volunteering Formica :) You and Impy rock!

- Jen.
Excellent! Can't think of a better candidate for moderator. Thanks formica!
Thanks for taking up the reins and steering the forum.

if she is lucky...she won't be treated like the new DH/FR monitors
Two thumbs up!

Thank you! :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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