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Congradulations to Mr. Weir :thumbsup: I can remember riding with Mark back in the day, when I had more hair and skills. He was quite the rider then, I can only assume he's even better now :D Good to see a local boy make it!

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d-bug said:
Oh no! Sell your Nomads and get whatever he's riding for C-dale. Nomads are no longer cool..except the carbon ones and the custom anodized blue ones with pink accents.
wheeew I am safe

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Go Weir!

Did Crackandfail offer way more zero's on the check than Roskopp!? I wonder if Cannondale mails him a stack of warranty forms with his first pro order..

Hey. Freakin Tinker MADE that company in the 90's.. Maybe Weir will make it cool to ride Cannondale again..

My bet is that Weir still dominates spring thaw..

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The whole thing is kinda interesting to me from a marketing perspective. Mark Weir has essentially made his whole name from one race...Downieville...not that he is a one trick pony or anything but he has almost become synonymous with that race and NorCal mountain biking in general. It will be interesting to see what Cannondale (a company with East Coast ties) does with him.

I think Weir is the guy that the majority of mountain bikers can somewhat identify with. He's sorta an XC guy but sorta a DH guy at the same time without really dominating either discipline. It will be interesting to see if Cannondale can really start to own all the Super D type events.
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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