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Weightweeniesm pays off sometimes (off-season, semi-off topic)

Had to send a package to poland for warranty. Guess which brand's front non-disc had non-alternating spokeholes, making it useless for any wheel build?

When I had the box ready (recycled one shipped to me once), it was like 262g, before adding address stickers and tape. I cut down all the overlapping pieces of cardboard to the minimum, and use less fulling material than I was planning to. all wrapped up it came in 248g, not bad! and that fo a front hub, in a wooden box, inside a cardboard box with accompaning lettre.
At the post-office the young lady at the counter seemed to have used the wrong rate for shipping too, making it even cheaper than I hoped. For some reason the flat rate for in-side-Holland shipping is higher than shipping to Europe under 500g or so, but I ended up paying exactly half the local rate! Now I just hope my minimum use of tape and fulling material won't turn against me in the coming days...

BTW< my front hub was 53g, the website now claims 59g, have they been re-designed? I'd like that, maybe this front wheel will last for more than one big race...

Sorry for boring you on your exhilirating first day at work.

Happy lightweight new year everyone!

J (Jan Gerrit Klok) in the Netherlands

Building an XL-sized 8.2kg 29" XC geared race bike with 190g, 660mm handlebar, 849g steel fork and 1750g frame.

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Tsk tsk tsk. Next time you should use those little air-filled shipping bags as stuffing, but filled with helium. ;)

Strange error with the hub. Actually, i'm not sure who you're talking about, but to ME (machinist) it's quite hilarious!!! BUWHWHHAAAHA! Someone missed the index on that one!

Sorry to hear about your luck. I hope they get it resolved for you quickly and efficiently. :)
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