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Weight, sorry ahead of time.

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I know I hate these questions as much as everyone, but have been looking into a GF X-caliber. I was wondering weight on the stock model(if possible) and what people thought of it. Are the wheels of good quality? Do I really want to buy a bike upwards of $1k with LX componentry? I do want to experiance a 29 inch ride, but dont want to sell a kidney to do so.

Also I hate the bonti jones's What can i do about better tires? (hardpack, some loose, standerd southern california)

Thanks a bunch.
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I have a 2003 model that I got for $1000 Canadian a few weeks ago. It should be exactly the same as the one you are considering except for deferent paint and IRC tires. I would just swap the Bontrager tires for IRC ones, they rock on everything except mud. The components are a little low level but they are strong and work well. Mine is the Large 19" model I believe and when I got it I had it weighed and it was 30lbs even. That is heavy, however the wheels are pretty light so you don't really notice the weight at all. I race mine and I much perfer it over my 26" bike which is 3lbs lighter. Once you buy a 29er you'll wonder why all mountain bikes don't have 29" wheels, it is just that much more effecient and faster.
The Jones (over 100g lighter than IRC's) is actually my fav tire for hardpack and loose. The parts may not be the lightest overall, but the frame is regulation weight weenie material. If you have a lighter 26" bike, you'll soon start swapping parts and see the weight drop. It's not like you're ever going to use the 26" anymore...
29" bikes, by concept, weight 1/2 - 1 pound more than 26".
hey thanks.....

you guys are always quick and helpful.
29er X-cal

I purchased a stock 2004 GF X-Cal, size XL, this spring. In stock form it weighed 31 pounds on a calibrated digital floor scale. I removed all the stock equipment except for the Truvativ Giga Pipe SL bottom bracket and Bonty Jones tires. I like the Jones tires for overall perfomance and weight. After pulling the stock parts, I replaced them with an assortment of Sram products, Marzocchi Marathon SL fork, Avid disc brakes.
Detail list:
Sram-XO shifters and rear derailleur, 9.0sl disc hubs, 9.0sl brake levers, 9.0 cassette, and PC-99 hollow pin chain. Avid Mechanical disc brakes, Bonty Race Lite cranks,handle bar, Mustang 29er rims, Control Tech stem, Cane Creek headset, Thompson post, Flite saddle, Time pedals, and Shitmano front derailleur.

With the new components on my X-Cal, it weighs in at 27 pounds. Not bad considering I rode a Trek Fuel 100 last year that weighed in at 25 pounds.

I hope this helps,

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