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hey all,
this isn't really a question on how to make my bike lighter, but i figured you gram counters would best be able to answer my question.

i never use my big ring on the trail (my legs aren't strong enough, i guess) except to take up the chain slack when going downhill, so i figured i'd get the e.thirteen bash guard instead of continuing to damage the ring. i read it makes getting over logs a little easier, and, i gotta admit, i think it looks cool.

my cranks are the custom 44x32x22 xt's that come on the '04 stumpy fsr. subtracting the big ring and bolts, and adding the bashguard (211 grams) and longer bolts (38 grams), does anyone know approximately how much additional weight am i looking at? how would the weight affect the "feel" of the bike at the bottom bracket area?


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