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SP frame weight - conflicting info

Motivated said:
Anyone know? D8 posted elsewhere a guesstimate of 5.5lb without shock.
I've been wondering that myself. Here's some conflicting info.
I called Supergo and a tech guy said 5.75 lbs with shock. I thought, that's great! :)
I went to the store and asked them to weigh a 16" frame (with seatpost)
The sales preson said it came out at 7.25 lbs ! :confused:
Subtracting the seatpost, collar, and extra hanger = 6.5 lbs
(Without a QRL, it should be a little under 6)

Has anyone actually weighed one? Could there be that much variation from frame to frame?

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I don't know if you have seen the thread but there is a monster thread on the What bike to buy forum with a lot of discussion there, and from memory there is some mention of weights.

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