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Weight of Remedy

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I would just like to ask if anybody know the weight of the factory built Remedy 8 / 7. I am just considering the Remedy for a new bike. I like the Fuel ex 8 but if the weight is almost the same I will go for the higher travel.

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My 2010 Remedy 8 was 30lbs. right on the nose. 17.5" frame Fahn

Ps. The only thing not OE at the weighing was the pedals. I had on some plastic Wellgos instead of the CB Candy's.
My 2010 R7 is 29.25lbs on the button, as it comes from the factory.
If interested...the 18.5 inch 9.8 runs 27lbs 11 oz with eggbeater SL's.

LarryFahn said:
My 2010 Remedy 8 was 30lbs
pcar964 said:
My 2010 R7 is 29.25lbs
what frame size?
I guess we should let both your scales punch it out and see who wins, cause one of them is off.

Considering that their 2010 Fuel EX 8 weighs 29lbs 1oz on my lbs's Park scale, I'm more inclined to believe that the Remedy 8 weighs 30lbs, and the Remedy 7 is above that. That would make sense right?
dude they are pretty f-ing light,all it is is longer fork, beefier frame and wider rims/tires.
I believe Pcar, and the rem might come stock with lite tubes and that's about a 1/2 LBS.
but even though I believe PCAR it would be nice to have more support to this fact.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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