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Weight Limit for a Spark?

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I am considering purchasing a Spark as I have heard good things about the way they ride and they fit how I ride. (I have also test ridden and preferred it to other makes) However, I am around 6'1" and right now 235 lbs.

Am I too big for this bike? I have read things about flex and frame cracking. Flex is one thing, as I have felt that on a number of bikes I have owned. The cracking seems limited to the rear triangle, which, from reports, have been updated.

I am looking for long term weight loss, so my lbs shouldn't be that number for too long. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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Get the bike. It will be fine for your weight.
110kg/243lbs incl. riding gear and load from their 2010 menu page 7.
Yes, Scott specify a weight limit of 110kgs. I'm 6'1" and ride a large which is fine although I do need to set the saddle as far back as it will go.
Thanks, all!

I didn't see it until now. Much appreciated!
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