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Weight diff. between SJ and FSRxc

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Hey guys, sorry if this has been brought up before....I tried to search, but either I didn't use the right keywords or didn't look through enough pages! Anyway, I've got around 2k to spend on a new trail bike. I love my lower end Specialized hardtail, so I want to stick with Specialized, so I narrowed it down to the SJ fsr comp, and the FSRxc Pro.

I'm assuming everyone here would advise me to go with the Stumpy? Anyone prefer the FSRxc? I might do a little racing with it, but mostly will be just riding for fun. I love fast downhills and hucking off some minor drops, so the extra 20mm frame of the SJ looks like a good idea. I'm going to try to demo a few from the LBS, if they can get any in for me.

Anyway, I was wondering where I can find the weights of each bike, fully stock as they come from Specialized? I tried the website, but I didn't find anything...
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a small fsr comp. is aprox. 30LBS! yes i said small.
Ouch. Stumpjumper it is! lol
09 fsr xc pro weight

I don't know about the stumpy but I just finished a fsr pro size large and it weighs approx 29.3 lbs with pedals- hoping to get some lighter tires,maybe tubless to drop it to 29 even.
my 2009 FSR XC Comp (L) is 30.1 lbs
my s works stumpy with all mountain setup weight 23.50lbs with bottlecage
Thats wicked light.. did you build it up yourself or do they come that light? Am build at that weight has gotta be one of the lightest ones out there, congrats Darkshadow
My 2010 fsrxc is 28.2lbs but i have changed quite a lot of it.I could get it lower by changing the maxxis ignitor 2.35 ust's to some 2.1 xc tyres but i will wear these out first.
Its funny you would ask this, the last couple of days we have just randomly been weighing bikes in the shop I hang out at and we weighed both our 2010 FSRXC test bike and our 2010 Stumpy expert Test bike both larges and the stumpy was less than 2lbs lighter.
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