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Weekend trip from long Island

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I'm a beginner mountain biker looking for a very scenic trail to go to with my wife. A few places that i have in mind is letchworth state park, finger lakes, lake george, PA. Letchworth park looks very nice but i have heard some people say that its a very technical trail. What would you guys reccomend. live in long island and am looking for something that would be worth the drive. thanks in advance
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Letchworth is a very scenic place and most of the trails are intermediate to beginner friendly but you would be walking up most hills and stream crossings. The trails could be closed due to wet conditions. Better check first.

Here are some pix of the trails:


You didn't mention if you want to camp or not.

These places are about a 5 hour drive from NYC and offer a variety of trails that are not too difficult with accommodations on site:
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thanks for those pics, that park looks great. I cant wait to check out some new trails.
i really wish finger lakes region was closer to nyc. it's too far a drive in my car.
i am looking at 1 - 1 1/2 hour drive if anybody knows of good trails.
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