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weekend Outlook

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Does anyone know what the weather and trail conditions on the Cape will be for this weekend? I was hoping to ride Otis this Sunday but I'm not sure if these pending storms will bring snow to cape.
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Last report I heard was 8 to 10 inches at the cape and 12 to 14 inland for tomorrow's storm. Sunday's they are saying snow to rain. Doesn't bode well. Time to throw the studs on and wait...
I rode Tot today, trails are a fine a few wet spots here and there. We are supposed to get 8" of snow and then some rain. My guess would be early next week they will be rideable .
studs on that SS?

Hey JAB, you the gentleman with th brown SS? Got studs for that ride?

Met you a few times last winter, sure we'll meet again.

Keep us posted on TOT, as I am hoping to be down there over the next two weeks to excape the snow here. With the foot on the ground and another 6" oming, could be a while before the mtn bike sees any local trails.
Yes that's me, nice of you to use the term gentleman instead of old guy. We got 8" of heavy wet stuff down here. Depends if we get rain or snow on Sunday how fast it will drain and dry out. I also have a new this year GF Rig cream color, let me know when you come down.

Any guesses on what Otis will look for Christmas Eve? Did you guys get rain on Sunday or more snow?
My guess is it will not be rideable until Christmas day. We have 4-6 inches of fluffy snow under a frozen top coat. Should be 49 degrees and rainy on Christmas Eve. The rain should melt most of the snow. Should be a muddy, sloppy mess by Christmas / weekend.
Before making a trip, I usually check the rotary webcams at They give a pretty good idea of the snowcover in the area.
I like winter and snow, but haven't been on the dirt if a few weeks so fingers crossed that Otis will be rideable this weekend.

Just don't melt any of the base up north, I want to get some turns in as well /cakeandeatittoo
Happy holiday!

From the looks of the Bourne Bridge web cam, looks like the snow has evaporated. With the warm temps today I assume there will be some drainage....and with freezing temps overnight tonite, looks like a "day after christmas" ride will happen.

Now to decide....Otis or ToT?? The coin flip is always a great planning device!
how is HP

Christmas day and 43 degrees here in sunny NH lost alot of snow last night and a hard freeze tonight

How is HP? ridable w/ studs or still too much snow?
Tears is rideable for sure. We had a warm up last night and 99% of the snow and ice is melted. The fire roads are muddy and have ice patches. The singletrack has soaked up all the snow and rain like a sponge. Did a Christmas day quickie......

The roots are a bit slippery - you have to hit them dead nuts or your tires will wander.

Due to the recent snow and heavy winds, there is debris everywhere. Lot's of low flying branches waiting to pistol whip you & plenty of sticks and branches on the trail. I stopped counting after the 40th dismount to clear the trail of branches, limbs and debris.

Also noticed a lot of the thorns are now bent over and leaning into the trail. If you go riding be prepared to stop at a moments notice, wear sunglasses to avoid all the LOW branches and consider using OFF because the ticks can be active above freezing. It may also help to have some slime tubes or extra tubes if you are not riding tubeless. I would imagine Otis and Yarmouth are in the same condition.


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Yup, a good number of big branches on the trails...but, a few (dozen) stops for removal, and the trails are that much better off. A few more groups going through and doing the same will take care of the vast majority of trail debris.

Pretty sweet there today, bone dry, with some great, warm sunshine. looking forward to a return soon.
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