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wear pads under winter pants ?

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do you guys wear pants under winter pants?
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Only when it's that time.
Only when it's that time.
You had to see that one coming!

Yea, I do. My butt is soft.
Maybe ask one of your close girlfriends?
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do you guys wear pants under winter pants?
Double pants? I've never tried that.
Padded bike short liner just like I do under my baggie shorts in the summer spring and fall.

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nah, the winter time is fatbiking, which is groomed white ribbon, and almost never gnarly enough to warrant pads.
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I don't always wear pants. I came here to say something else too, but now I forgot it.
Is the question about winter under pants? I'd imagine these would keep you warm on those cold Canadian nights:

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Just did this today as the temps dropped to 5°/41°.
I wore my Fox Knee Pads under a lined Wind Pant.

Worked great
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