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We moved to Fairfax!!!

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After 7 years in Berkeley (me), and 5 years in SF (him), the b/f and I finally bit the bullet and moved to Fairfax. Woo hoo! Hello mountain biking out the back door and road loops out to West Marin. We're so stoked. I rode my bike to work for the first time ever this morning, and wow, this is gonna be great. Now when is Gestalt going to open?!? :D
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Yup. Welcome to the best place to live in the entire Bay Area.

Pete - Another Fairfax local.
I'm still living in Stockton!!!

(You're a girl, right?) :eek:
You are stoked. It's a great place - and not just for biking. Local coffee, brewpub, best ice cream, amazing natural foods store, fun farmer's market, funky community, neighborhood fruit tree foraging, live music and dancing, yoga studio, yuppie shortage, festival & parade, brewfest, halloween pandemonium, block parties, tons more. You're living with the US poet laureate, famous authors, musicians, and the Pied Piper of Hamilin. Don't know if you're thinking of ever having kids, but one way or another you'll have a strong opinion after being here awhile. We're breeders.

Would love to meet some new locals, let me know if you and your bf are interested in riding sometime.
Hey Corina.. remember me.. mary.. petes ex gf.. You living in Fairfax now??? We should do some riding!
Have to agree. How many other small towns have their own brewery AND local ice cream manufacturing? Not to mention miles of legal, challenging singletrack, two great bike shops, the Java Hut, the Thanksgiving Day ride, the Fairfax Festival...

But I digress.

Only problem with The Scoop is that when I come out of Tamarancho hankering for ice cream on a Sunday afternoon, the line stretches halfway around the block.

So I go to the Iron Springs brewery instead. It's a tough life.

Finch Platte said:
(You're a girl, right?) :eek:
Yes, yes I am.

marylnsky said:
um... unless I got the wrong person
Close, but not quite. Corina and I are both short, cute, and overeducated, but she's a far more talented rider (who lives on the peninsula with Jeng). I was super-stoked just to keep up with her for the first 30 seconds of Butcher Ranch! :thumbsup:

I'm loving the Fairfax life so far. A friend showed me a fantastic loop along the old RR grade near the White's Hill bridge, then Porcupine, Tamarancho, etc. I haven't had the guts yet to connect that loop to Solstice, though the b/f does that all the time. We had brunch at the Barefoot Cafe last week, and holy ****, does that place make a mean brunch. It ain't cheap, but they give you enormous platters of food + good coffee + strong mimosas.

Agreed on Scoop lines, they suck. It would also be nice if Iron Springs served food later. But otherwise, so far I've got no complaints! :)
I miss Nave's. :D

Great place to live. Trails, ice cream, beer, bike shops all within reach.
From Berkley to Fairfax, you wont miss a beat! Crazy hippy left wingers. Haha. Just kidding...kinda. :)

"The Scoop" really is great. I need to go back there. I had their coconut ice cram once and mmmmm so good!

One thing that I don't like about Fairfax is that it's quite a ways from the freeway and the traffic can get really bad heading in/out during heavy commute hours.
Welcome to "Mayberry on Acid"!

Fairfax - - - stuck somewhere between 1957 and 1972. You'll like it now, but you'll learn to LOVE it later . . .

Oh, and what's a "commute hour"?

ilikebikes475 said:
One thing that I don't like about Fairfax is that it's quite a ways from the freeway and the traffic can get really bad heading in/out during heavy commute hours.
I know, I work in San Rafael and sometimes I come across TWO other people riding bikes along San Anselmo Ave. One day, another rider got so close, we could talk to each other! It's nuts. ;)
Why can't I be you?

Ba da da da da da da da

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