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It showed up Friday and I am very pleased overall, I tried to upgrade at the last minute but they had already shipped it.
Everything on the bike is just as described and for the price it is definately a good deal. It took about 15 minutes to assemble, both derailleurs were adjusted right out of the box so I didnt have to mess with them at all, they shift perfectly.
The paint and lettering is very nice, I felt along the edges of all the lettering and they are all very smooth, I am sure it has a clear coat on top of the lettering. The welds are all good (better than my welding skills) I checked all the nuts and bolts everything was tight.
The only things I dont care for are the rear shock and the fork, the rear shock is very stiff and forks are very soft, not to mention small diameter. My wife wont be taking jumps so I am sure they will be sufficient for her and I doubt they will ever break the way she will be riding. But this gives me the opportunity to upgrade the fork on my Haro without her complaining about the money! I'm going to tell her she needs better forks so I will give her mine after I buy a new fork for my Haro!
We bought an 18" frame for her, she is 5'10" and it looks like it will just fit her , I am 6' and it is definately too small for me, if you are a guy and 5' 10" or taller you should get the large frame.
All together the bike is WELL worth the $400 we paid, If I had a chance to do it again I would get the 600DS just for the better fork and rear shock, but this bike is well worth the money and I have no regrets in the purchase!
The shipping was fast, all my emails were answered fast, the bike went together easy in 15 minutes with just an Allen wrench and crescent wrench.
There is just one complaint, the stem is UGLY!!!! It has to go! I hope when people see her riding next to me they dont notice the stem! (it's embarrassingly ugly!) It would win the ugliest stem of the year award! Aaron
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