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WB f135 travel reduction

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Anyone familiar with reducing travel from 135mm to 120mm on a fluid fork??? I would rather do this myself instead of paying to have it done...

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If your using a Fox fork you can buy spacers in 5mm increments (5, 10 and 20) and reduce the travel. Fox has a god how to manual on their web page or you can find info on here. I have changed my F29 from 80mm to 100mm and my Float 140 to 120mm, each job takes about 20-30 minutes.

One tip is to get a cooking syringe for adding oil back to the lower leg, the syringe has measurments on ot and the needle makes it easy to inject the oil. I cut off the sharp part to make it a blunt tip.
Not a Fox

I have done the service on Fox, Rock shox and Maverick forks, they are all a liitle different. Looking for White bros Info.

Nobody knows anything about white bros fluid internals??? I am just wondering if i could just insert a spacer to reduce the travel????

WB wants 120.00 plus shipping to do the mod, i can change fluids myself and re assemble the fork...


They only wanted to charge me $40 when I had asked about reducing travel (a while ago though). They also claimed the lowest they could drop it to was 125mm.

Well they told me they could drop it to 120mm, but the service would cost 120.00.
I am starting to think of just getting a Reba and selling off the Fluid.
F135 vs Magic

I believe White Brothers uses different coils (and maybe different top out spacers) on that model. I had asked about it before picking up an F135 so that I could use it shortened before moving it to another frame.

On the air forks' conversion kit they have a longer top out spacer as well as a spacer which replaces the three small negative springs and shims.
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