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"3.61 pounds on our scale with uncut steerer tube"
"1368 grams"


$250 is crazy. 65% off? Must be a typo like the weight. This deal comes a week too soon for me, waiting for a pay check.

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I ordered within 1 hour from this posting -

Thank you for ordering from Speedgoat Bicycles. This email is to inform you that
the following items in your recent Speedgoat order are now
currently out of stock here and unavailable from any of our suppliers.


(2) White Brothers BW1.0 Fork (2005) CLOSEOUT 29" Black/Polished 100mm, Air with


When you placed your order, you requested we cancel unavailable and backordered

The items above have been removed from your order. Any remaining items on your
order have now been packaged and sent to shipping. The order has been completed,
and no further changes can be made to the order at this point.

Once again we thank you for ordering from Speedgoat Bicycles and hope we can
continue to be your source for bicycles and bicycle accessories!
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