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Wayne ultra, who's in for it?

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I know it's not in WV but it's right across the river ;) I'm thinking about doing the ultra that is 44 miles long. From what I have seen there is alot of road to cover as well as trails. Doing some research finds times between just over three to over six hours of seat time. That's alot of riding but they also have the "almost ultra" that is 25 miles.

Anyone heading over there?
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Note: this may be in Ohio, however it is sanctioned as the 2nd of 4 Ultra Races in the West Virginia Mountain Bike Associations Ultra Series. According to last years riders it is a blast. This year quite a few road miles have been eliminated and some new sections of trail have been added. Hope everyone has great fun on an awesome ride.

I'm in (for a world of hurt).
I am thinking of doing this race of course it will be more of a ride for me. Anyone know much about the course? If 'More of the road miles have been replaced with singletrack', how many miles are road vs. mtn? Also what is the elevation gain on the course? And last but not least does anyone have a course map or something I can look at to get a idea of what the course is like?
Send an email to Drew, the race director. He has a map with elevation and all. [email protected]

Hope this helps.

Thanks, email sent....
Did you all have fun? Ouch.

I will say that the race was extremely well organized, well marked and supported. . . even the T shirts were cool. Figh dolla footlongs afterward and whatnot.

I will look back on it in a few months and say that I had fun. And eventually it will actually seem like it WAS fun.

And so I'll gladly suffer through it again next year.
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