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Waterdog tomorrow morning? 12/24

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Who's up for a Waterdog ride early tomorrow? Thinking 8 or 9, but I'm flexible. I'll probably be on the SS, but everyone is welcome.
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I'll be there with my dog around nine. Riding my geared FS. We park at the top of Carlmont drive. Probably 6 miles or so...

Happy Trails,

I'll be there around 9:30 ish. I'll be solo on a silver Niner Air 9 hardtail. I usually park in the dirt lot.
I may be there around 11. Have a good ride.
I wussed out this morning, when I saw it was all of 35* at 7AM. I may try for a later ride.
I could be up for a mid-morning spin around skeggs if there's a taker
I am planning to go to skeggs any or all of Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I could use some local knowledge though. :)

happy trails,

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