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I'm planning on doing the Coco 250 starting later this week. Does anyone have any info on water availability this year? I found this from last Oct:

Coconino Stage Race 2013
Water stops:
0 Flagstaff
23 Pinegrove CG
30 Dairy Springs CG
45 ADOT spigot
58 Sedona
68 Oak Creek
72 Red Rock SP
89 Cottonwood
113 Coyote Spring
133 Verde River
172 Williams
203 Texaco
225 Alfa Fria tank
240 Flagstaff

I'm just going at a touring pace, 4-5 nights out so will need more water for the extra nights. I'm just praying there's no serious rain to muck up the routes.

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You should be good to go although I can't speak to Pinegrove & Dairy Springs CG's. I didn't use either when I did the route. Seems like Coyote Spring can be hit or miss. If that's the Texaco in Parks, I believe it burned down or something last year & may be under construction. There may be an alternative re-supply nearby in Bellemont.
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