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Water bottle on handlebar

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How disturbing can it be if I'll install a water bottle on the handlebar?
Can this mess up steering?
Like this:

Live Long & prosper !!!!!!:cool:
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I only use water bottle cages on my road bike. I love my camelpak/hydration backpack to also carry tools/food ect. when I'm offroad riding. I've lost too many bottles with the rough riding. I bought mine(bobo brand) from Costco for $14 each.:thumbsup:
use a hydration pack, way better you won't regret it
If you ride rocky trail I'd be concerned the bottle could fly out and drop into or under the front wheel. Maybe strap it into the cage securely.

Bikes handle more nimble with no extra water or tool weight on them. And pedaling power is more efficient with necessary water and tools, etc in a water-pack. You will drink more water and more easily using a water-pack. A water pack provides some shade on your back on a hot day and do not cause more body heat. And a water packs becomes a safety "bumper" protecting your spine and back in a crash. There's no downside using a water pack.
Yeah, the first time I took a water bottle Moutain Biking, was the last time. Maybe 10 minutes into the ride I lost my bottle, and it was real flowing single track, hardly any roots, rocks, etc. to jostle it out. It was a very thirsty ride.

I've got "hydration pack" but I dont really need it during winter time.
I do 60 to 100 km's with 2 water bottles. [Like I did on my old Marin].
The only trouble is that on my "Commencal" there is only place for one bottle.
I've already decided to add one more bottle, and I'll secure it well !
[ and a saddle bag for the tools etc... ]
But my only concern is - if it can cause really problem in steering, while speeding on rocky trail. [ I love myself in one piece :D ]

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