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Water Bottle holder for '06 Enduro?

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Hey guys, anyone found a way to attach a water bottle holder to the newer style Enduro frames? Obviously the upper shock mount is where one would normally go. Just looking for a way to bring some water with me for shorter rides when I don't need/want my camelbak. I was thinking maybe behind the seatpost somehow?

Ideas, pics?
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What's a water bottle? Oh...I remember...they're those things roadies use.:D I don't know Tarekith, water bottle mounts and many of the modern FS designs just don't seem to mix well. For me, I find a Camelback to be about as easy to use as the old water bottles. Plus I never like to be without the few tools and other emergency fix-it items that are in my pack. I notice many of the FS bikes at least have cage mounts on the front of the downtube, but this is one of the dustiest and/or muddiest parts of the frame. I have seen some trick and compact fanny packs that will hold one or two water bottles that would also work, and most of these have some small storage for a tube and those small tools.
you could use the mounts on the underside of the downtube. not real convenient, but better than trying to rig something up. i've seen seatpost mounted cages as well...
Yeah, i thought about those, but I have so much horse sh*t on the trails here that I'd never be able to drink out of it. I was using a fanny pack for awhile, but it bounces around a lot. The Camelbak is ok, but a lot of times I'm just tooling around town, seems a bit much to have to always carry it.

Oh well, I'll figure something out eventually...
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