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Watching Le Tour in Fort Collins.....Live

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So here's the deal,
I'm not sure how many folks will even be down with this but we as a Bar/Bike shop are gonna give it hell. We're opening each day of the tour in time to catch the live broadcast from Europe on OLN. That means 6:30 in most cases and even ealier on certain days. Should be a good time and anyone who's thinking of waking that early just to catch the tour live, will dig it. Needless to say we'll be showing the rebroadcasts throughout the day. So anyway if you wanna check it out with some fellow riders and maybe have a cup of coffee and a bloody swing by. Starts July 1st. Keep it real.

Road 34 Bike Bar
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What time do you start serving beer?:D Thanks for the info!!
Well, per Colorado liquor license code we can't serve booze before 7a.m. so we have to stick to that, but I think that's early enough for most of us. Hopefully we get a good turn-out, simply just to watch. (We don't plan to make any dough doing this it's just a cool place to gather and check it out) So we'll see you Sunday.
Actually it was more of a joke.;) As much as I like beer, I don't think I could start that early. But I do hope to join you guys. I know they usually show the race again later in the day. Are you going to be playing that as well or just the live showing?
Endo King said:
Are you going to be playing that as well or just the live showing?
Read the first post again. :)
Sweet. I get off work at 730 and ride by your shop every morning I'm working. I'm good for at least one AM PBR.
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