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wat would be some good tires

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wat would be some good tires that wont put a whole in the wallet
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the best tires for the money are probably anything from Kenda, i run 2.5 nevegals front and rear but another good combo is a bluegrove in the front and a nevegal in the back
amazing i get 20 dollar kendas from canadian tire put them through hell intense speeds in rough terrain and long rides (my mtb doubles as a road bike i cant feel the difference) and no flats and barely any wear, they are still good as new they sure outlasted my old supercycle i put them on, now i own a gary fisher n when the karmas i got on there flat out im replacin em with ma old canadian tire ones
What kind of riding do you do??

I personally prefer Maxxis to Kenda and they are about the same price. Either of these will be great, just don't get Tioga's - they won't last a month.

some freeride minor downhill
as u can see

fuelinjection23 said:
some freeride minor downhill
the tires i have right now are a little shatty came on my hardrock theyre like enduros or something the threads are starting to come out of the sides of em


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i dont know how wide you are thinking...but kenda's tires always seem to be well priced and impress me. i really like the nevegal and so does a friend who just started riding one. the maxxis high roller is a great all around do everything tire. im not one to really buy tires for a specific type of terrain because you can encounter so many different conditions.
use the search button biatch:)
use the search button biatch:)
Thats the hard way :D
I actaully really like these:

I run one of those in a 26 x 2.5 in the front, and im loving it.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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