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Some cool old memories:

Manitou 1 (?) crown/steerer assembly
TNT Manitou 1,2,3 (more?) fork brace
TNT Ti steerer /crown assembly for Manitou 1,2,3 (more?)
OE Stem/bar that came on my '88 Ritchey TimberComp
Titec/Bontrager Ti XC bar
Scott AT2-LF bar

Remember this stuff in the day? I recall that I paid a small fortune for the TNT stuff, and actually visited their shop in Pheonix on my way to Moab one year where these parts were installed for me. Of course, I also backed into an employee's van in the parking lot on my way out, caving in the rear doors of it..... That was an expensive visit, to say the least.

Now I just need to find new homes for this "crap" before I'm tempted to toss it out.....


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I've got a manitou 2 hanging above my bench just because it looks cool in all of its anodized goodness. Anyone remember what it was like to ride on of these old forks? I think the 2 had a whopping 1" of rubbery travel, and it was flimsy as a noodle.
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