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Not a real answer...

But I am guessing it weighs in the same ballpark as the Weyless XP frame, which is also a 5" travel air sprung single pivit all mountain frame. I weighed an XP frame a year ago and it came in at 7.62 pounds with the 5th Element air shock, seatpost collar, and seatpost.

Call up Adrenaline Bikes and ask them to weigh it for you and that as a customer you would like to know before buying. Although they will probably weigh it with the show kit (headset, front der, collar and seatpost) because that how they are most liking storing them since they are stripped bikes.

I have called them in past to talk about some of their brakes and Identiti hardtail DJ frames. They were pretty helpful. I think the sales guy I spoke was Dave. He took alot of time to answer my questions.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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