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Warning, low bike content: Asking my gf to marry me, how to? (xpost from passion)

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warning, not mtbing related but passion related so this is in the passion forum.

Me and my gf are both avid mtb'ers, (me more than her, but she does love it) and I will be asking her to marry me this Christmas. But with the xmas coming full speed I still have no idea how to do it. :confused:

So gimme some ideas!

(remember, must be low budget/plannable between now and 25th) THANKS
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Wrap yourself in a giant bow? I remember a commercial a long time ago where the (very hot) guy comes to the door in nothing but the bow.... mmmmmm.....

But I digress. This may be a very stupid idea. Maybe I'm just stuck on the bow.... mmmmm.... bbooooooowwww boy.....
I don't know where you live but how about an Xmas day ride to a scenic overlook, ring in camel back and at the obvious spot just do it....
great idea, but she has a cold, and there is no way i could get her out there. :( I'm thinking maybe a good dinner and go to one of those huge christmas lights show places and do it there...maybe
Why Christmas? I always found that very cheesy.
Can you wait a little and do it during a ride? A favorite riding spot for the both of you. Stop to rest and dig through a bag, have her just sitting there kinda looking around why you take way too long to root around in your bag. Say, I found it, and go down to the knee. It will throw her right off.
I brought my wife on a 5 mile hike on part of the long trail. She complained the whole time because the trail is HARD but I kept laughing and telling her that it will all be worth it because of the "view".
She damn near ran down the mountain on the way back down. I took it from her on the way down so that she didn't lose it so she wanted to get down as quickly as possible to get it back on.
well, we are a cheesy couple...but that is a good idea, but sadly in middle georgia there are no views, that would take a trip to the north georgia mountains......not a bad idea
You don't even need a view, just one of your favorite spots that you both like to ride.
A little more memorable and it might actually make her enjoy riding more.
Whichever way you decide, congrats and have a happy marriage.
I kind of want to know how this turned out. :)
LadyDi said:
I kind of want to know how this turned out. :)
That makes 2 of us...

*waiting* :drumroll: *still waiting*
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