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Wanting to ride Windrock
And some other AM type stuff.

I realize that this is the DH board but many of you do some trail riding too.

We will be leaving OKC at the beginning of april. Bringing both trail and DH rigs.

We are going to stop in AR and ride the Syllamo trail and then head into TN. We were thinking about riding at Pisgah and then finishing up with a couple of days at Windrock on the DH bikes.


When is Windrock open? Will it be open on April 1st?

What AM type of trails are around. Looking for multi hour rides Climbing is fine but we will be on 4-6" travel trailbikes.

Is there any really good trails (Tech, flowy etc.) between the Syllamo
and Windrock?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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