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Wanted: Guide or riding partner for The Whole Enchilada in Moab

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I plan to ride down from Burro on Sat July 11th. All of my friends backed out and its not really the type of trail I want to do solo.

I'm from Colorado, but currently living in Australia. Coming back for a visit and a ride, and have to do this trail, with or without my friends. I've done from Hazzard before, but never from Burro.

I will cover shuttle, energy snacks, and post ride beers. If you are a pro guide and charge more, please PM with details.

I would consider myself an advanced rider - been riding 18 years, ridden most cool places in North America (Moab 12 times), pretty fast on the downs, pretty slow on the ups. I ride a Turner Highline which I am bringin over with me.

I REALLY need to do this ride and don't want to do it alone. Please help.

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Of course you know this ride you're planning has been discussed for weeks here on this forum and I'll only repeat the best advice I've heard yet: just do Burro/Hazard/Kokopeli/UPS/LPS, then bail down to a waiting vehicle at the tanks on Salt Flats Rd. Save the entire Burro to 128 ride for late September.

What I'm sayin' is you're going to have more luck finding someone who will do the above shortened version than the Full Monty which means getting down to 128 in 105 degrees after a long hard ride. Heck, even I would do the shortened version in July. If you've never done Porc and you're not going to be back ever again to Moab, the next day you could do just Porc as a shuttle starting at 5 am. That way you'll still get down to 128 in 105 degrees but you won't be so beat up by the time you have that 4 mile hot ride back into town.
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OK, after reading all the threads on the realisim of doing TWE in mid July, perhaps I should break it up. Here's a question - are vehicles allowed to park overnight and would they be safe up at the water tanks at the base of the Porcupine Rim trail?

Here's what I was thinkin - drive up to do Porc on Sat, leave car at the top. Ride Porc back into town. Sunday, catch shuttle to top of Burro - ride Burro down to the water tanks where the car will be waiting.

I am fine doing Porcpine on my own, but would still want some company on the Burro to the tanks on Sand Flats Rd section. Anyone interested in this option for Sunday?
I do this ride often, even in the middle of the summer. It's the BEST time because there are very few others on the trail and you can really rip. It's a fast ride, so if you get a fairly early start you can be done by noon. Things don't really start heating up until the middle of the afternoon. I'd do it with you but am heading to the northwest for the mos of July. For a pro guide contact Mike at Treks n Trails in Moab, I think his website is He'll get you up and down and show you some of the added features not many know about.
Thanks for the advice. I called Mike at Treks n Trails and I'm set to go. Moved to Sunday, but planning to do the whole thing. Very early start, departing Moab 6am at the latest.
Right On. You'll have a great time with Mike.
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