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I've got an old old old (almost as old as me) Trek 820 single trac w/ orig. fork and wheels. I want to up grade to disc brakes is this possible or will i have to go get way to many new parts to make it worth it. I been considering going to a full suspension bike in the future but I also have a family of Ethopians to feed first.

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Does your fork and frame have disc tabs? If not there is no way you can use disc brakes

Frame disc tabs:

Fork disc tabs:

You will also need disc compatible hubs that will have holes the rotor can bolt on-to:

If you've got disc tabs on frame and fork already, upgrading your wheelset will fix your hub problem, you can then upgrade to disc brakes. I recommend you use avid BB7 mechanical brakes, they are easy to work on and are easily the best mechanical brake out there, and by a lot.

Hope this helped
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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