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In the spring, once snowboarding season is out of the way I should have some money for a new bike and I thought I'd try something a little different and go with a full suspension setup so I can progress into a little more aggressive riding. I can get any Felt or KHS bike for about 30%-35% off however I'm open to suggestions from other brands as well. From Felt I was looking at or and from KHS I was looking at or I basically just want something solid that's good for all-mountain type stuff. Suggestions?

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couple of thoughts

1) you should likely get better answers over in the AM forum or bike/frames forum.

2) The felt is more XC oriented with a 70 degree HT, so it will feel twitchy and will be challenging going downhill; the KHX has a 69 degree HT so won't be quite a fast steering, but still close.

Define better what you want to do with the bike, then come back and tell us.

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