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Want a skills park in Toronto.....

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The more we send out , the faster it will happen

Jay Hoots is working on designs for three possible locations as we speak.....but that is just one step ,
but the most important step is to get the word out , and make city counsellors hear our voices....

So Jay Hoots has sent me a letter that he circulates to riders that are looking for a way to inform City
counsellors of their needs and wishes to better the cycling community in their area . What YOU need to do
is write a paragraph at the beginning to personalize it slightly then find your local City Counsellor here then send it off

Here is the template
The current date

Your name here
123 your address
Your city, Your country
You ZIP/postal code

Dear Sir or Madam (Parks Manager)

I am writing this letter to let you know about a recreation opportunity that I feel would be very advantageous in our community.

Mountain biking has become very popular around the world and is growing in popularity in our city/town. With riders of all ages and abilities looking for places to ride combined with the rapid learning curve of youth, safe, fun riding areas are needed in our community.

Much like skateboard parks, bike 'skills parks' are a mainstay with many other cities and communities like, West Vancouver, BC. Olympic Nordic Center, Canmore, Alberta. Corral Center, Colorado. Sherwood Park, UK and a series of other places around the world that use skills parks as a risk management plan and a fun progressive place for riders to learn and experience.

The funding required to build bike parks is less than skateboard parks and can vary in size and styles using green space in urban areas or adjacent to recreation centers. Many examples of funding for parks have come from Rotory, Lions, tax dollars and private donations.

There are established materials and resources available on 'skills parks' through Hoots and IMBA (international Mountain Bike Association)

Thanks for considering a bike park in our neighbourhood!

Your name
I will be posting this on dropmachine and Pinkbike to reach an even larger demographic , if you can think of anywhere else it should be posted please let me know , or copy and paste it where you think it will get seen

Lets come together and make this happen

Paul Stuart
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I've said it once, and I will say it again. If we continue to act like a bunch of seperated groups, we will never acheive all we can. So far, Dropmachine has collected 624 responses to the form for the skills park ( and then people just stopped filling them in. It would say much more if we could just get a huge flood of responses to the DM one, and put THOUSANDS of requests in front of them for once, showing the city that we are a strong, cohesive community.

Man, a skills park would be soooo good.
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