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Hey guys, I'll let you know where I'm coming from before I let you know what I'm looking for. I have a dirtbike and I love riding that (12 inch+ suspension), and a 1980's Diamondback APEX rigid framed bike.

Originally I looked for a full suspension bike, but often times when bicycle riding, I find myself riding super slow and spotting tons of things to jump up on or ride on carefully. I can balance almost perfectly in one spot and wheelie pretty far controllably. However, my bike is limiting me. The frame is really square and no matter how much you lean back, you wont lift the front wheel. Also the brakes wont lock up the wheels and it's a fairly heavy steel frame.

I decided to look for a nicer bike that I can use for more of trials type riding. Something with a balanced geometry frame, lightweight wheels, lightweight frame, hydraulic disk brakes, and medium/short fox forks.

Since I'm really a fan of Santa Cruz bikes (and thats where i'm from), I'm looking at the chameleon.

Can you suggest some other bike as well and a possible chameleon setup appropriate for trials? (definitely good brakes and a single gear up front with guard)

these forks with less travel maybe?
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