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Want a 3 spd fixed gear hub??

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Let them know and maybe it could happen:

I tried to link to the original article, but it wouldn't work.
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Cool, I'd be interested in one. I always wanted to try that conversion of a Sturmy into a 2-speed fixie, then I'd have a road gear and a trail gear.
The SA ASC 3 speed fixed hub came out in the 1940s, interesting piece of kit.

I had one for awhile in the late '90's and rode it a lot on the road, but would never have taken it offroad because of the age (of the hub, not me!), cost, and non-availability of the hub and repair parts if I broke something on it.

It's a neat concept, not sure if SA will make one rugged enough for offroad use. Now if Rohloff got into the multi-fixed hub mode that'd be a different story!

I sold the bike with the ASC hub on it a few years ago on ebay, to Sigourney Weaver's husband. Kinda weird-not him, just selling it to him.
Sheldon Brown`s site

There is a link to SA on the site if anyone wants to give SA some feedback on developing/bringing back that hub.
I would spring some cash on one if it was offroad worthy and i`ll send SA a positive em asking them to produce it.
Evidently there is some market research going on....
No interest personally (I've tried fixie on and offroad, and it does absolutely nothing for me) but I think it would be really cool if they came out with this.
itsdoable said:
Cool, I'd be interested in one. I always wanted to try that conversion of a Sturmy into a 2-speed fixie, then I'd have a road gear and a trail gear.
I did the conversion a few years ago, and it works for the most part. There is a pretty significant amount of rotational play so you can't really slow by using back pressure. We're talking probably 15 degrees. I'd love to make a new clutch for it to reduce the play, but haven't gotten around to it (or sure if I want to spend the money to do so.) One weird thing is that there is a neutral gear. For a while I had neutral indexed and then one gear on either side.
I'm the Brandon in this article and I've been playing with multi-speed fixed hubs for a long time. The article isn't totally that accurate. A few years before the Bendix experiments we did 2 speed S-A conversions by fixing the planet cage to the shell via bolts or brazing. That was my baby with the help of my buddy, and other mechanic, Matt Keller we made maybe half a dozen hubs. They mostly exploded within100 miles. The Bendix conversion may have been my idea, but mostly Matt's project. Most of the Bendix's were built by either Val, Bob, and David after Matt and I had left.

That said I've ridden and developed quite a few fixed multi-gear hubs. The biggest problems always come down to the stresses on the inner gears. These things can last a long time if you ride them right, but many standard urban fixed riding techniques will destroy them in a flash.

The real key is smooth pedaling and no skidding. Soft pedaling during the shift is also important. Shifting under load even with a non-fixed hub is the quickest way to break something inside.

I'd be interested to see if Sunrace can make the ASC stronger this time around. I've only played with one of the Sunrace made S-A hubs and it seems better made than the S-A hubs of old. I love the English made AWs but Sunrace seems to be taking it to the next level instead of staying with the traditional.
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