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wanna see my Black Cat?

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its 11 degrees outside and i am just sitting around the house while the HVAC guys install a new furnace and a/c unit. been meaning to post my Black Cat ever since i got it back in here it is...

build basics:
-Black Cat Custom frame and fork
-chris king disc hubs and headset
-stans flow rims w/small block 8's F&R
-boone cog
-middleburn crank and chainring
-SKF xc600 bottom bracket
-thomson stem
-salsa moto ace 660mmx17deg bar
-ergon gx1 grips
-avid elixer cr (160mm)
-eriksen ti seat post
-SLR saddle
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Very nice! I really like the color combination.
It looks like the bike was built with some shorter CS, or perhaps it is the ST bend playing a a trick on my eyes. Regardless Looks like a great bike. Now get out and ride it....:thumbsup:
Sweet looking ride. Holy smokes does your chainring look close to your chainstay!!!
You forgot the Fat Tire Amber Ale in your specs...I hate when people leave out the most important parts...
I like it! Congrats on the new bike. Change out the bottle cage to a King though.
can't get anything by you guys...

chainstays are crazy short, and because of that, crazy close to the chainring and crankarm! made me nevervous after the build up, but todd (ingermanson, the builder) assured me it wont be a problem. the tradeoff is this thing handles like a dream, especially for a 29er! it really flies in the tight twisty stuff!
the swinger drops have been perfect...i'm at least 240lbs...and standing up pounding on the pedals on steep ups i have never felt even a hint of slippage!
actually got a Kleen Kateen water bottle and cage for xmas that is on it now. Love cold water out of a stainless steel water bottle! santa also brought a anno red seatclamp.
Sweet Bike, Congrats!!

How short are the CS's?
dont remember positively, but i am thinking around 16.50"-16.75"
just measured them...14.75" - 15.75" depending on where the swinging drop outs are positioned....even SHORTER than i thought!
You're measuring wrong. It's center of BB spindle to center of axle.

14.75" would be physically impossible with a 29" wheel/tire.

15.75"-16.75" would be about the shortest that would work, and sounds about right based on what I've heard of other black cats.

Sweet bike though! congrats.
you are right, i was in a hurry and i was measuring the first bolt on the swinger. the second bolt is actually the axle hub. so....measuring carefully, and to the actual center of axle hub this time.....16" - 16.75"
Nice. Todd makes some of the coolest SS bikes out there, and his dropouts are IMO the best option there is. Were really excited for my friends BlackCat being built in the spring.
Very nice, I so it on the blog.

I'm just, this close, to putting the cash down to have Todd build me one.
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