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Waltworks Ultimate Warrior

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I've spent the past week or so trying to decide which section to put this but the brief to Walt was basically as follows:

I've been looking at the new Santa Cruz Hightower, thinking how great would that bike be to ride, something that is designed to run both 29" and Plus tyres optimally, but then I realise that this kind of thing may not be achievable with a hard tail? Unless we could replicate their flip chip adjustability somehow? Maybe via the drop outs or BB?
Executive summary would be something like: a hardtail for hardtail stuff that isn't unwilling to take on the really rough stuff where a FS bike might be a "better" choice.

So basically over the past 5 months myself and Walt have been discussing options, what I was looking for from a bike, my body measurements etc and this is what we (well Walt!) came up with...

White Line Slope Font Black

I wanted to be able to run a 170mm Reverb dropper for the most standover. I have pretty long arms so the top tube might appear to be really long too, but basically this frame is tailored to me 100%.

I didn't want the BB to be too low as I tend to get frustrated with that current trend in the rocky terrain we tend to have round these parts.

I wanted a stable bike with a nice short rear end, this one actually comes out between 410mm and 425mm, which is pretty darn cool if you ask me?! :)

We decided that if we were going to go with 27.7+ and 29" wheels then why not make this thing ultra adjustable, we'd use Boost 148mm Paragon Polydrops with a 6mm offset (so I can run dishless wheels) AND a Niner EBB along with a Boost 110mm Fox 34 120mm fork in order to allow the use of the following wheel and tyre combos:

This info direct from Walt,
(all numbers plus/minus 5mm or so, tires vary in actual size a lot):

-29x3 is about 385mm radius
-29x2.4 is going to be about 370mm radius
-27.5x3.8 (Hodags) is about 370mm radius
-27.5x3 is about 360mm radius
-26x3.8 (Hodags, Nates) is going to be about 360mm radius
-27.5x2.4 is about 350mm radius

The EBB is optimized to be run in the "up" position with 27.5x3 (~360mm) for the ~320mm BB height in the design. If you use a bigger tire, the BB height will go up (ie, it'll be about 335-340mm with a 29x3) in which case you'd *probably* want to spin around to the "down" position to drop the BB by 15mm to roughly match.

All of the smaller tire options will generally be best run in the up position on the EBB.

The rockers can be adjusted however you wish to maximize tire clearance, achieve shortest possible chainstay length, etc. No set position will be "best", it will depend on your preferences and the tires you're running.

I give you The Ultimate Warrior...

Iron Metal Bicycle frame Machine Steel
Audio equipment Bicycle accessory Metal Steel Cylinder
Bicycle accessory Metal Iron Steel Composite material
Infrastructure Pipe Bicycle accessory Metal Iron
Finger Metal Iron Natural material Steel
Pipe Iron Steel Bicycle frame Gas
Floor Composite material Concrete Iron Steel

It'll be in powder coating early next week so I'll post some more images as we have them and of course some build pictures and riding reports later on too. :)
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This is the colour I've gone with:

This will be the first wheel setup I'll run, Hope Pro 4 Evo Boost hubs, Ibis 741 rims and 2.8" tyres, either these Nobby Nics or the Maxxis Ikon/Rekon setup coming on the way over to me...

I've got a nice build planned for this, running XX1/X01 initially with a Race Face Next SL crankset so I can flip the ring for more clearance to be able to run 3.8" tyres during the winter.

I won't bore you with specs unless you want me to.
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Bore away!

That's a beautiful rig and I love the thoughtfulness that goes into a build like this

Congrats and keep sharing
Bore away!

That's a beautiful rig and I love the thoughtfulness that goes into a build like this

Congrats and keep sharing
Thanks very much, I'm really excited about this project!

This is my 27 plus setup:

Waltworks Custom BIKE BUILD

FRAME: Waltworks Custom Ultimate Warrior

FORKS: Fox 34 120 Float Factory

RIMS: Ibis 741

HUBS: Hope Pro 4 Evo Orange


HANDLEBARS: Thomson Ti 760mm

STEM: Thomson 50mm silver

SPACERS: Hope Orange

GRIPS: ESI Fit CR Orange

SEATPOST: Rockshox Reverb Stealth 170mm

SADDLE: Fabric Scoop Race Shallow Ti

CRANKSET: Raceface Next SL

CHAINRING: One Up Oval 30T

BOTTOM BRACKET: Hope Ceramic Orange






DISCS: SRAM Centreline 180mm

TYRES: Maxxis Ikon & Recon 2.8"
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That's is an impressive build spec

The orange accents will be very cool on the bike

Keep the photos coming -
Thanks, I certainly will. :)
Will be VERY interested to see this thing together. As said above, love the thought and planning that was put into this one.
cool project. Walt is the man for this kind of thing!

getting a custom bike that can be run in different configurations is an interesting concept. on the one hand you want a custom bike that is not a compromise, usually, but if the flip side is a few extra grams of dropout and bb, and then it can be configured to different wheel sizes, why not!

in time i wonder if you will settle on one wheel size in particular or keep swapping. it's a question i have always asked myself as well!
Thanks guys!

The way we saw it was for the sake of a 200g BB it was worth it for the versatility. I wouldn't be surprised if I settle into a wheel size and stick to it 90% of the time, I'm betting it'll be 29" x 2.5 or similar BUT it's going to be nice to have various options to suit conditions etc.

Walt has been fantastic to deal with, he's steered me and guided towards where we are both happy that we'll achieve what I was looking to and a bit more too hopefully!
wow, amazing build. what I would want if I could afford a custom frame...

holy tire clearance.
Can't wait to see this all come together, and some post-ride impressions. Great looking build, JustJ!
Thanks guys! Should have some more pics soon. :)
If you don't follow his color scheme, have tassels hanging off your handlebars, or wear the same CANNOT call your bike the ultimate warrior. You will get hulk smashed

Wrist Joint Standing Muscle Chest
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Ha ha I do have orange hubs and other hope goodies! ;)
Quick update, Walt took these pics of the finished frame showing the cable routing etc just before sending to the powder coaters.

Should be around 2 weeks...

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Nice, l like the curve in the top tube
Based on those specs it should be an awesome ride!
It's amazing what happens around here lately! Walt's briefs get mentioned and bikes appear. @.o
It's amazing what happens around here lately! Walt's briefs get mentioned and bikes appear. @.o
What do you mean?
Looks great! Can't wait to see it when it gets back from powder.
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