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Wallpoint Trail Mt. Diablo. Did they grate it?

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I've been wondering if they shaved the trail like they did all the lower trails below it. I know they shaved the Diablo/Briones trail up to the bottom of Wallpoint and it made for some less than spectacular riding conditions.
Created lots of deep sand and some deep granular pockets of chunky stuff that loves to swallow your front tire at speed.
I understand that this needs to be done to maintain the trail otherwise they would just wash away.
I just haven't had a chance to make it up further than the bottom of Wallpoint recently.
It looks like they tried to grate Dusty Road, but were unable to do so to the chunky rock garden areas, but the rest of the trail looked alot smoother, and deeper with sand.
Curious if anybody is in the know.
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I think everything has been graded. I was on BBQ and it had been graded, but it was so damaged during the winter that it had to be repaired. Haven't ridden Wall Pt, so I'm not sure, but on all other sides of the mountain the fire roads are graded.
yes wall point has been graded also. we just need a freak rain storm and the trails would be perfect
I'm not a road engineer, but surely there has got to be a better way. That bulldozing ruins the fireroads. Wall Pt. has definitely been whacked. Chunky and soft, but perfectly doable. Just makes a few of the tough spots hurt a bit more.
I rode wall point before the grading and though it was perfect...for biking. The higher authorities...supposed higher authorities...of the local fire departments and their brothers-in-law that own grading companies must have known better.

I agree with EBrider that BBQ Terrace needed the work and was better afterwards.
I thought wallpoint was fun as it was getting pretty chunky in spots, which added to the fun....= )
I rode it today and its not as bad as I expected. Summit trail above Dan Cook received much more scraping. Definitely need to keep the front end light through some of the high speed loose sections.

Keep riding it and it will pack in and just get better.
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