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Wakefield/Accotink 495 Dirt Jumps

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Ok I did a search and I found some stuff but I can't find a straight answer - please don't eat me.

So I can't find the jumps just off the CCT, I don't even know when I'm on the CCT. Can anyone give directions to get to the jumps? I know they are kind of a secret, but I'm hoping that we can confide in eachother as fellow MTBers :D . Thanks.
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A LBS in that area is

I believe the Oasis folks lead a group ride in "the area of the jumps", during the season.

Ya, might want to pay them a visit ;) ... in Fairfax City, Va..
Ive ridin there once and raced there once...there aren't that many trails...during pre-ride before the race I got on the wrong trail and found the "jumps"...very sweet...just keep pedaling its not far you'll find em no prob.
If you are referring to the dirt jumps under the power lines they are still there. Leave Wakefield park and ride under the power lines as if you were going north bound on 495. Youll have to work your way up a hill and on the other side are some jumps. If you hit the jumps and veer off the to the left into the woods youll find a little secret area in there too along the CCT.
I am headed to Wakefield tomorrow morning. If you can brave the cold maybe Ill see ya out there. ;)
What you talking bout Willis?
Jk it's
mike, I'm ready when you are ro hit these jumps
Looked like the 495 construction is getting pretty close to the djs today
Spring maintenance

Any post winter maintenance planned? Would love to get out and lend a shovel this weekend...


It's either Wakefield or Rosaryville as far as maintenance/riding this weekend.
Last time I was out there (last fall), only the expert jumps are really maintained (by the experts who ride them). The beginner and intermediate jumps need major work.
Headed out to WF/495 around 10 today since its beautiful out, ill give an updated report what I see
mostly dry, some pooling in the low spots on intermediate
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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