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yea, what wheels are those? Those totems are beasts! I was playing around with one the other day at the lbs. everything about that fork screams, "Beef!" I don't think you needed the actual beef next to it to get the point across.:D

Me hates pinchflat
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Dude... dont even remind me about waiting :madman: :madman: :madman: :madman:

I ordered a 66rc2x the 4TH OF DECEMBER. It was supposed to be sent to a friend in NJ so he could bring it to Mexico, but FedEx screwed up and didnt reach him in time. It was sent again (this time directly to Mex) and now its stuck in customs :madmax: :madmax: :madmax: I feel like crying waaa :mad:

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mtb_biker said:
lets see more pictures of each piece if ya got em
Don't have individual pics of each component but here's the list of what i got so far:
-Deity seatclamp
-white e13 bashguard
-black thomson seatpost
-black thomson stem
-saint cranks
-white fizik freek seat(wish i knew how damn hard/uncomfortable this thing is before i bought it)
-white azonic outlaws
-totem 2-step (wish it came in black)
-atomlab 12mm to 10mm hub adapter(super nice piece, but damn expensive for what it is)
-truvativ shiftguide
-avid codes 203mm
-Black X.7 rear derailleur
-'07 x.0/x.9 shifters one of each
-fsa pig dh deep cup headset

What I'm still waiting for..
-black x-gen front derailleur
-white deity handlebar
- 2.6 blue grooves/2.5 nevegals
- some misc stuff, avid matchmaker, brake adapter, etc.

Some Assembly Required
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Take your time. If you think waitin' is bad now, gettin that thing built up & having to sit and look at it and can't ride is worse. I built up a VP Free just before Christmas & now the weather aint co-operating, colder than dookie & wet. I just want'a ride it so I can see what tweaks my bike "needs" rather than what I think w/o riding it.
Looks like its gonna be killer build.
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