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Waiting for Moto

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I purchased a Fantom Elite on Xmas, shipped on 12-27, arrived NC on 12-30, and is in UPS purgatory. Looks like Monday. I purchased a net bike in 06 with no probs, and expect the same. Mucho better bike this time. Double the price, double the fun? I think not. Just tuning the ecstasy. Toyed with the idea of the Team, but sanity interceeded. My skill set doesn't justify it. Bummer. Sanity sucks. Think I'll put some Azonic 420 flats on it and get dirty. See you then. Cheers
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I hope all is well with your Moto, UPS is on my s*** list for the year. Appears one of their employees "lost" my Xbox 360 when it got to the distribution center :madmax:

And I just saw my pricepoint order shipped UPS...:rolleyes:

It came in good shape, put together easily, and is a fine bike. BD does a good job, and it is the best bang bling rolling. Been too cold and icy/wet for trails but rides fine. Bought but haven't recieved XTR pedals. Weighs over 32 w/crappy pedals, mt morph pump, bottle cage, and seatbag. No probs, just need better weather. Cheers
Thats great I'm sure you will enjoy the ride. I upgraded on mine which started as just a frame and the weight is between 27 and 28 pounds with no chain. Im really looking forward to April when I can ride mine everyday. I'm in college and still home for the holidays so haven't had time to put my better RS Revelation Fork on it but I used an old Dart 3 120mm for now. I'm waiting on a better front derailleur, lighter grips, and a chain to get it moving.


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She's a beauty! Seat looks uncomfy tho...:eek: What crank did you choose? I suspect that will be my first upgrade. The FSA Gamma weighs 1200+ g's! Supposed to be in the 50's here in NC by the weekend. Owl's Roost beckons...
The seats not on straight yet. I just sat it on top for the picture. I choose the Race Face Deus XC Crankset. It weights around 800g's. Thats almost a pound difference however I almost made that up using Platform pedals.
But I would highly recommend the Race Face crankset, it has a lot of good reviews, its light, tough, and looks good. It comes in black and silver, the newest version sold on ebay comes in a couple different colors.
I'm really lookin forward to wearing out some parts... I saw where you posted on a thread w/MikeBD and Huff. Wow. Some real vitriol from some towards Moto. I for one never thot I was getting a 3K bike for 13C... Just getting a good deal. That's what I got. Tomorrow she gets dirty! Cheers
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